Ear Candles Unblocking Ears

Too much earwax?

I was an ear-nose-throat specialist for over thirty years, and this was the single most common complaint I got. People have too much ear wax. Their ears get blocked up with the gunk (or cerumen, if you prefer) and they can't hear, feel disoriented, or sometimes just "heavy." If you or someone you know suffers from earwax blockage, I've created this site to tell you all about the various methods that people use to clear the canal of the horrid, smelly stuff.

Ear Candles?

ear candlesBurning a candle into your sensitive ear sounds pretty strange to most people. That's because it is strange. It's controversial, yet the most popular method of ear wax removal. I'll cover the pros and cons of the use of Hopi ear candles. I'll also go over a lot of the other medical treatments that are available, so you can choose what's right for you and your ears, and avoid the myriad snake oil scams – some of which are downright dangerous to your ears.

The Right Ear Cleaning Method For You

All of my patients, after having their ears cleaned, are surprised just how clearly they can hear. Many talk of "a ten-pound weight" lifted from their head. If you suffer from even minor ear canal blockage, you owe it to yourself to find out how you can clear earwax buildup.

You can check out our video demonstrations to see how some of these ear cleaning techniques work.

Neti Pots and other methods of unblocking your nose